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Topic: The effect of different tablet coatings on the dissolution of aspirin tablets in various intestinal pH levels.

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The use of enteric coating is a mechanism that utilizes the dissolution of a coating to ensure control over release [1]. It is noticeable that the aspirin tablets are coated with a double layer of dissolutions with ethanol solutions of the Eudragit RL and RS copolymers [2].

Aspirin, also known as the Acetylsalicylic acid, or ASA, is considered as an analgesic painkiller [3]. The different levels of coatings on aspirin were analyzed under different intestinal pH levels. It was to analyze how the diverse types of coverings responded to the pH levels. To conduct the testing, the pH levels set were at 1.28, 3.05, 5.11, 7.00, and 9.55. The settings helped to increase the understanding of the impact of pH from the abdomen or stomach down to the intestine (small intestine). The test was carried out for 1 hour, and the tablets were left to dissolve in the solution. The aspirin sold in the market was separated from the rest, and afterward, an addition of unhydrolyzed aspirin was introduced. The analysis and comparison of the masses of the unhydrolyzed aspirin that was separated was deducted from the initial masses of the tablets as it proved beneficial to evaluate the mass of aspirin that was hydrolyzed within the pH solution. The analysis of the pH against the % hydrolyzed values represented in graphs helped to determine that there was no significant difference between the uncoated, buffer, and percentage hydrolyzed tablets. Moreover, it was found that the level of dissolution for enteric-coated aspirin tablet was lowest compared to others. The level of protection that was offered by enteric-coated aspirin tablets through 1-7 pH levels was witnessed, and also a complete disintegration was noticed at a pH of around 9 (the highest level of pH [1].


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